We focus on helping our clients succeed in all aspects of their business and personal lives.

Stewart-Longhurst is a full-service accounting firm that offers unique business consulting and tax planning services on an on-going basis unlike other CPA firms who simply type data into a computer and generate a tax return once a year.

Today, more than ever, you need a financial advisor that goes beyond just the basics. When serving your business, tax and financial needs, we strive to identify key planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future taxes. With that in mind, we encourage ongoing communication with our clients to facilitate the discovery of opportunities as they present themselves.


In June of 2010 our firm was presented with the Entrepreneurial Spirit AGORA Award for Business Excellence.

AGORA was a market place in ancient Athens where merchants gathered to sell thier goods. Today Greater Spokane Incorporated celebrates business excellence by choosing businesses in the Spokane area to receive an annual AGORA Award. These awards are a way of saying thank you for the important role the business has played in both the community and the economic growth of Spokane and the surrounding areas.

We continue to serve our client's needs by providing the same great service we did in 2010!



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