FAQs about our tax services


How soon do I need to bring my taxes in?

To avoid an extension, please make sure that your tax information is in our office prior to MARCH 15, 2021.


Who will be doing my taxes?  

Each tax return is prepared or reviewed by three different tax professionals, including Greg or Hanna themselves.  We only employ competent, experienced tax professionals in our office.  With three professionals looking over your tax return, you can rest assured that it is correct!


When will my taxes be done?

If your tax return is relatively easy, there is a slight chance that the taxes will be completed in the interview room while you are here for your appointment. Hanna will make that decision during your appointment.  If your tax return is kept over, it will be placed on our progress board in chronological order and will be prepared after all the returns that arrived before it are completed.  Sometimes, during the busier parts of tax season, the backlog can be as much as three weeks or more. Regardless, each return is prepared on a first-come-first-served basis and is given the personal attention it requires.  If your return can not be completed by the tax filing deadline, an extension will be filed for you automatically.


Will you prepare my taxes quicker if I need you to?

Yes.  We can put your return in line in front of others but we will need to charge a “rush” fee to do so. The “Rush” Fees are as follows: $100 for a 1040; $200 for a 1040 that includes a Schedule C; and $300 for a Corporate return.


How much do you charge?

Individual tax returns are billed on a “per form” basis so it really depends on how many forms your return requires and how complex those forms are.  However, to give you an example, a 1040-EZ with no other schedules costs close to $150.  Sole Proprietorships run between $500 - $700 or more.  Corporations and partnerships are billed by the hour and average between $1,500 - $2,000 or more.  We survey our competitors annually and set our prices in the middle of the pack.  We are not the most expensive firm, but not the cheapest either.


Can I get an estimate of what my invoice will be?

Yes.  We will do our best to give you a quote based on your prior year tax return plus information for this year.  If something happens that causes the quote to go up, you will be notified immediately.


When do I have to pay your bill?

A payment of half the estimated fee is due before we can start your taxes.  Final payment is due BEFORE you take the tax return home.


Will you give me an estimate as to how much my refund will be?

No.  Although we wish we were, we are not magical.  Providing such an estimate requires computing complex tax calculations based on pages of tax tables, limitations, and exceptions.  It’s better to let us prepare the taxes and give you an accurate number.


Will you go over my completed tax return with me?

Hanna will go over your taxes with you if you would like.  There is no additional charge for this service, but it does require an appointment.  Note that returns that arrive in our office after March 15, 2021 likely will not get a go over appointment until after April 20th, 2021.


Can you E-File my tax return?

We are now required to E-file ALL tax returns.  We have found the IRS’s e-file system to be safe, accurate, and efficient.


When will I get my refund?

If you use direct deposit, the refund will arrive in ten to seventeen days.  Add another ten days if you will receive your refund via check.


What happens if I need to make a change on my tax return?

If the return has not yet been filed with the IRS, our “redo” charge is an hourly rate with a minimum of $20.  If the return has been filed, then an amended return will be necessary which is billed at hourly rates with a $195 minimum cost.


What if I find an error?

Due to our review systems, errors are very rare, but they do happen.  We correct all errors we make at no additional cost to you.  Any penalties caused (not tax or interest) will be handled.  Our fees are nonrefundable.


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