Stewart-Longhurst Mission Statement

We offer each of our clients the highest level of benevolent, personalized service in order to help their businesses and families succeed financially.

Our products have the highest quality standards and our level of integrity is beyond reproach. We are committed to improving our community through on-going volunteer efforts. We hold our families with the highest of priorities.

In so doing, our clients prosper, our firm grows with success and we, as individuals, achieve satisfaction with our accomplishments.

About Us

Stewart-Longhurst, PS is the product of the recently merged accounting practices of Greg and Hanna Stewart-Longhurst, who both started firms from small home offices in 1992 and 2004, respectively. They both often made home deliveries and had their families assist in answering the phone during busy times. From those shoe-string beginnings, their firms have grown over the past 20 years and are now one of the better recognized accounting names in the Spokane area, servicing over 1,000 business and individual accounts and employing up to 12 people during tax season. They still believe in providing the same personalized service as was provided when their practices were just beginning!

Stewart-Longhurst, PS specializes in small businesses and performing the accounting and tax work needed to relieve the owners of that burden so they can focus their efforts on what they do best, managing their business. As a result of our business excellence, our firm was awarded the Entrepreneurial Spirit AGORA Award in 2010 and we regularly pass our peer reviews as required by the State Board of Accountancy! We pride ourselves on being a small firm and being able to provide personalized service. When you call, you will be able to talk to Greg or Hanna the same day. Most of our clients are small business owners. Being small business owners themselves, Greg and Hanna understand the demands the government makes in required reporting, the need for up-to-date accurate financial reports needed to make critical business decisions, and the value of your time.

We feel that for any business to be truly successful, its owners must be committed to and spend time developing the community and families, especially their own. Being an Eagle Scout, Greg has served in the Boy Scouts of America for over twenty years, and is currently serving as a Scoutmaster! Hanna has been very involved in the local schools as a parent volunteer, PTG President at Sacajawea Middle School, and coach for Math Is Cool teams at Wilson Elementary. She was appointed by the mayor to the Park Bond Citizen’s Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Park Board Finance Committee and Make A Splash Committee. Each of the firm's employees is also asked to be involved in a charity. Our employees have provided services to Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Rotary Club, Girl Scouts and Anna Ogden Hall. In addition, over 10% of the firms net profits are donated to anonymous charities.

Many clients ask why there are so many pictures of eagles in our office. The two largest and most favorite, both hanging in the reception area, were painted by a local artist and friend of Greg’s. Besides the fact that Greg is an Eagle Scout, to him eagle’s represent leadership through example. The United States made the Eagle its national bird because eagles display courage, strength and higher vision. An eagle flies with grace, yet with power; in the same way, the eagle represents the integrity and high quality of service our firm offers.


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